New Addition Ready June 

Exceptional little lady. She has a Short nose and nice small size. Super smart Tink personality and already a snuggle bunny. Kind and gentle little girl. Weaning off mother eating solid foods. Had 1st dewormer.  Have plenty of pics upon request. Now taking $200 deposit to hold until Tink is ready to depart to her new home in June


Ready this Weekend

Rolex has a Short nose and is small in his size. Incredible marking on his face and with gray little pepper hairs. Short hair - allergy free.  Laid back personality.   Weaning off mother eating solid foods. Had 1st dewormer.  Have plenty of pics upon request. Now taking $200 deposit to hold until Rolex is ready to depart to his new home next weekend



Smallest goats we have ever seen size of a slice of bread when born. Twin Brothers one tan one chestnut both with dark brown cross on their backs.   Very very small and Too cute.    Our family call these two double trouble - little babys play n explore alday and are up for any adventure. So fun to watch.  Very healthy eating solid foods and naturally nursing.   These boys will become an ideal emotional Therpay pets.  Ready to depart in June - no debudding - not wheathered - can not seperate. Photo 2 weeks old have plenty pics


Silky hair and gentle temperment. Nursing W  mother and started eating solid foods. Have 1st dewormer next weekend.  Have plenty of pics upon request. Now taking $200 deposit to hold until baby piggys is ready to depart to - new home in June



Beautiful to watch her play with a nice whinny mini horse - White Apploosa Mare standing at 30 32 inchs 13 years old.  She is very well mannered and absoulety amazing when haltered on a lead line. You can brush and love all over her great farrier.  She has been accostum to family environment and events.  Children call her our Unicorn. Our mini have all Been enjoying life and our to pastor grazing. She is a little shy - at first then as soon as haltered she is like butter. With some more one on one time she will come back around and if your of horsemenship a delight - shes a saint when haltered. But  she will come up too you eat out of your hands. Not aggressive very laid back personality no alpha.   We purchased Mumma Mia and her a few years ago - sight unseen and orginal owners did not mention her lovely smile.  Loads ties walks into trailer been body clipped.   Utd Coggins ideal weight dewormed hoofs all regular maintained.  Possible covered she has been exposed to an Indian Mini w blue eyed 28 inch stallion. Reason why selling her and Mumma Mia they have such a gentle souls that my other mini mares are pushing them around and deserve some more one on one time.   


Featured Item

Ballerina is smallest of liter.  Smooth silky hair all black on her body with one white high heel. Already very social. Bellerina is nursing with her mummy and eating solid foods.  Will be available to depart in June - call for her new photos 


Customer Favorite

Mumma Mia is our pretty Chestnut n dash of white on her face mare offered for sale $1600. 9 years old and has a very sweet personality.  28 30 inchs in height. Accostum to being around children too grandparents.  Easy to halter n very well mannered on lead line. Used to being with all types of animals goats dogs donkeys - is not an alpha will walk away from drama - has independent spirit and entertains herself. She has a pretty whinny and very faithful if you give her attention.      She has currently been exposed to our blue eyed 28 inch chestnut paint stallion as off Dec n Feb.  Possibility of her being pregnant.  Shes an Amazing mother and an easy keeper.  Plenty pics upon request too with children walking her


New Addition

New arrival of Mini Donkeys Three will be born Summer 2020.  We are taking deposits to hold for your future baby mini donkey.     Estimated adult size 30 32 inch. Mothers are 28 - 32 inch white chestnut spots with cross on saddle and dark Coco. Fathers 30 - 32 inchs white gray spots with cross on saddle.  Super Duper Friendly pocket pet personalitys. Our Past babys jennys n jacks have became Therpay Service Pets
Price $1600 n up 
Taking Non Refundable Deposits to Hold $300 select in person when born. When babys are weaned off Mothers - comes with Coggins Dewormed n hoof trimmed new halter lead line and all information 


Tink is our " Special Sale"

Plenty of new photos of all of our pets upon request 

For more information and our availability of our small breeds of wounderful pets.  And for new today photos - prices.   Our experts are only a phone call away 386 717 3230 



19th May 2020 Photo's
🎀🐷Elite tiny Premium Piggys Ready June and Liter Ready July 🐷🎀

 💌Taking $200 Deposit's Now too Reserve - Visit in person or Paypal via phone

🌻🌺 Hope You n Your Family are all well in these Unfortunate times we are all occuring.    We Thank You too all of our Health Care Provider's and Supporting Team Members - All Service Officer and Crews  - Families with kiddos staying home - Driver's-Stocking- Office Staff - Teachers n Senior Caregivers -Restaurants-  Grocery n Supply Stores - Pharmacys - Contractor's - Entertainment News  Anchors. And All.... To for  keeping social distancing. Thank You🌻🌺
💕Stay Proud Be Strong Keep Positive n Love  We do Sincerely Appreciate You💕 

We Felt awkward Updating our Website during our World-Wide Pandemic Crisis. But we where enlightened and We wanted to give a little Encouragement n Enjoyment and Uplift a moment in your day. With some helpful mini animal tips and beautiful photo's of our Families Pets.  Easter Weekend we opened up our Private Ranch for a Recuricational Visual Drive Thru Farm as an Encouragement Day for Our Neighbors and Community too Enjoy an outting - it was Free. We created Some zones for our amazing pets to be on display. And painted fun uplifting homemade signs we put in our tree's.  Fun Fun it felt right and Our only goal was Rewarded by seeing smiles on people's faces and pure strangers have a little down time

🐷🎀Teacup Piglets our Prices start at $400 n up with Starter Kit

🐷🎀Smaller size of our piggys $700 n up with starter Kit

🐷🎀🎀🎀Premium Smallest Size $1000 n up w Deluxe Starter Kit -Years Supply- Wormer -Kennel
🐐🎀Dwarf Goats $350 n up with Starer KitWe have Babys Ready June 2020

We do provide you with food (blend over) - next cycle dewormer for (mites parasite lice) and as much informational guidelines you willing too absorb. To insure you are comfortable with your selections and the overall welfare of our pets in your future care
We do not sell bottle babys We do not bottle feed our pets We do not recommend bottle babys - due to aspiration (fluid on lungs from wrong bottling) too dwarfism and a low or poor immune systems (if you chose to bottle that is not our recommendations - why our pets are 8 weeks and older as We advise upon departure date). 

We take our quality small domestic pet breeding program very seriously. And im thinking this is why you are considering our pets in your household

We have been practicing social 10 -15 ft distance. Please to repect us and our space if you visit while on our property. We are making your purchase as easy as possible and honor your distance to continue all safety 
We will set up our viewing area for you to self meet n greet with only the baby pets we have discussed. The pet or pets that you are considering to purchase. Pets that are in your price range. And if only you would like..... we will Provide options "if available" and "possible" at a different price range......let us know in advance 
We always have hand sanitizer or wipes available ........pets in a small area for viewing purposes
We are here to help you and your family with your future pet and knowledge
Let us know what you are considering
A Few simple questions  for you to consider before you contact us  .........this will help with our pet sale process and to insure no time is wasted
And yes all animals will grow they do not remain the size you see in picture's 
1. When are you looking to purchase?2. Color or Gender or age preference?3. How many (discounted two)? One is perfect. Goats do better in pairs. 4. Are you already used to owning a pig or goat OR are new to pigs or goats - we will happily educate?5. Is your whole family already in an agreement before you start this inquiry?
6. Size expectations - purpose pet or future breeder and wants of personalitys
7. Your Budget - dollars wanting to spend or a price range 
8. Your LOCATION and you acknowledge we are in De Leon Springs Florida 32130
All prices and new updated photo's will be provided before you come out to visit upon your scheduled appointments. We are very straightforward to insure no impulses buyers. Once you purchase final sale - sold as is policy. Owning a pet is a process and we are willing to try to assist with your search and educate. All punctual scheduled in advance Appointments - we are not here to rush any hopes of bonding with your selection of your potential future pett. The whole experience is too be an enjoyable pet process too find the perfect pet for your wants. 
Our educational awareness classes are and pet packages are FREE with purchase as our apperication for your purchase(s). If your just looking or wanting to "use up some down time" on our beautiful ranch we will Happliy educate your whole family n see our pets one on one for $200. If you do chose to purchase that $200 is 100% credited towards your purchase. No offense but We are not a petting zoo or playground - (especially with the pandemic) we too have made the efforts to provide a visual for pets you are wanting and you have scheduled an appointment n therefor will be educated in a clean family environment and animals gathered for your arrival. Our "time" and and health like yours is = pricesless. Knowing pets do pick their owners (and if not ment to be during your apt - we understand) And we do have the right of refusal - but this commitment confirms if you are a SERIOUS potential buyer or just looker. 

SERIOUS inquiries CALL Directly. For the overall welfare of our pets. After a verbal i will directly send you more than amble updated photographs......and Pet Prices.........this will confirm what we have discussed and to insure we have what your looking for and no guessing games. Knowing we are in pet sale but it does seem their are alot of people that just continuously want too TEXT or send numerous email.  We will ONLY repond to via text - after we have spoken to you directly. 
Absoulety No Minors 
If you would like a vet health check i have to pre arrange with our vet with advance notice
For safe pet transport on your jounery home - please bring a kennel
We are only a phone call Away

True Designer Teacup Pigs has been proud to provide our customers with an healthy social small pet piglet

Best to CALL ME  .... 
 I will be happy too  match the perfect pet(s) to your family lifestyle and personality.   
 We’re committed to providing quality pet(s) and educational knowledge with endless support. We are proud to go above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely comfortable becoming a new piggy parent are educated and satisfied in person from their selection of a true designer TeaCup piglets as their families future forever pet . We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer or better yet make an appointment to visit in person and see our available mini pets for sale. We will hold with non refundable Deposit's - All sales are final. 



Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. True Designer Teacup Pigs is here for you.

As one of the leading Small breed Teacup miniature Piggy breeders in USA. Located in Central Florida. We attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the past 10 years. Since 2007. A true small size pet. We believe that all of our pet customers deserve the highest quality for your next familys pet. We offer not only an amazing pet, health guarantee, knowledge and suggested care maintenance guidelines provided by our seasoned pet pig experts and uphold our five star customer service rating. So come and visit and see in person our exclusive mini piglets. We offer to educate you and your family in a Clean safe family fun environment where you will enjoy the only Piggy educational awareness class in USA created for our potential new piggy parents. We are committed to providing you with the foundation and peace of mind for your new pet pig. 



Next Level Service

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with True Designer Teacup Pigs. We are here too exist to find you the perfect fit. Piggy matchmakers! No pressure and no stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best pet to suit you and your loveones lifestyle, as well as your finical budget. We are only a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about pigs as domestic pets.

🍒True Designer Teacup Piggys Est. 2007🍒

Please call directly. This is So we can assist you with your search and establish the perfect pet for you and your familys or friends lifestyle - wants and needs. You have finally found us. We are the Tree of Teacup Pig knowledge. We have already established over ten years of Teacup Pigmenship with our premium experience and seasoned guidance all at your fingertips. We are The True Teacup Pig experts. Breeding a small size piggy as a pet. Our family founded the quotes "True Designer teacup piglet" and "Teacup Pigmenship" "Smarter than a dog and Cleaner than a cat". Our piglets already have the sound foundation and are healthy. If you're looking for a little piggy for your family to cherish. We have what you are looking for. Let us match the perfect fit for your next adventure owning a pig as a pet.

Provide you with true facts about this amazing breed of pet.


Here For You

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. Offering for you and your family or friends to visit our Teacup Miniature Piggy's in person. Yes we Welcome you to visit. Too see for yourself our quality pet piglets. Call to Selection to visit in person from our "Now Availability of Piglets" call directly for more information and new today photos. Photos are always nice. But having the opportunity to select your pet in person to suit your personality is priceless. With offer you this special bonding time to view our pets. And avaibility if all party's are happy. For you too take a piglet home with you. We are happy to educate and give you guidance and mentor you as pig parents. We too will demonstrate how to worm your piglet for your pigs future maintenance while in your care. All new piglets parents are provided with a deluxe piggy starter kit, pig pet guidelines n paperwork and sample of their current food - for you to take home with you. We have ensured all details keeping this transaction simple and seamless. But most importantly....... With our pets overall welfare in mind. Whenever you work with True Designer Teacup Pigs, you can trust that you’re in great hands.
All shipping is AN Extra Fee $450 


We will gladly hold one of our Teacup Piggy's with a non refundable deposit.

Frequently utilized by some of our customers. Online shopping via photos of our current piglets is available. Please call us directly for our "Now Today" piggy stock. Our photos on our website are not always current. One of Crew will send you current photos to help assist with your wants of a true designer TeaCup piglet. If you have a Gender Age and Color preference or a budget - just let us know. We will be delighted to sent you new now photos of pets in your price range and if any of our Piggy's are of a liking you. Yes we can certainly hold him or her. It's a Simple process. With a small non refundable deposit to hold. We will accept  PayPal after we have discussed with you which pet piggy you are wanting. 
 We will be honored to hold you your new Piggy until we can scheduled your pets departure date. All transaction are at our beautiful ranch in De Leon Springs Florida. 
 Otherwise please notify us if you are needing transportion and we will discuss extra travel fees. All flight $450 out of state. Our policy is firm - no matter the circumstances. All deposits or payments are non Refundable. 
Verbal or Literally any deposit recieved is non refundable. Let us know how we can assist you today.


Next Level Service

Please note photos in our gallery are from our personal piggy collection or photos of our piglet parents or their new owners

The smaller the size of pet piglet expectations obviously the higher their value.

Some helpful tips

Feeding. All our piggys are currently eating a solid natural formulated pig food. We like to feed our pigs very well. The size is in the parents. Baby's recommend. At least but no limited to one 8oz to 12oz cup in the morning one 8oz to 12oz cup in the evening. Sometimes we feed 3 times a day - ask your vet. Then add in to their diet when they at 6 months and older. At that time offer a plate of salad and or treats as grapes or Cheerios etc. Fresh water. Increase their pellet food as they become older.

No dog food.

No human food. If they have room to pinch in their tummy area then add more food to their diet.

If you can not pinch anything and they look round. In their tummy then lessen their food.

In General

●Pigs are low maintenance
●Allergy free no shedding of hair
●Very smart
●Clean animals
●Potty trainable
●No odor when fixed (at 4 months plus age)
●Harness trainable
●Domestic Pets
●Indoor and outdoor lifestyle
●Great bloodlines
●Bonding occurs within 72 hours
●Require similar training and worming (pig wormer only) as too any domestic animals. ●Vet follow up within 48 hours.

4th smartest animal on our plant. Teach them to do tricks. They will teach you too. Positive reinforcement and patients are the key to a lifelong best friend with manners.

Please respect our Crew.

They are only trying to find what you are looking for at the dollar price you are wanting to spend and to suit your needs. They are patient and all very helpful and full of honest knowledge to find the perfect homes for our available piglets and friends. We do have the right of refusal of sale. And we do not negotiate our pet fees for any circumstances. This is for the welfare of our pets. No minors or impulse buyers. We want to educate for forever homes and not in encourage impulse buyers'.

🛑 Please talk to your family -landlord -zoning- before you get catch up in the motions. This saves a lot of energy and emotions.

We receive 100s of emails, phone calls n texts a month. No offence but if you are a serious buyers you will call us directly.

No minors for any pet adoption. Your call maybe recorded. And our Pigmenship Crew respect to be treated with respect and our time like yours is priceless.

Health Guarantee. We do request copy's of all vet visits and pet maintenance worming cycles and neutering or spaying services and diet record receipts to insure the pets welfare of our suggested guidelines. Require follow up with your New vet within a timely manner of adopting your pet. All domestic pets do require maintenance programs. We do offer our seasoned vet too spay or neuter your piglet with our elite pre n post care extra fee. Suggested age for this service for your little boy or girl at 4 to 6 months of age. Males do have an odor if not neutered. Let us know if you would like in advance a Vet checks for addition fee. Suggested service only before departure date.

We do require you to follow up with your New vet within 48 hours from depart from our family ranch.

We have alot of phone calls and we are only trying to educate the piglet buyers. Yes we do sell our teacup piglets.

We have a limited availability of pigs. When Our elite small babys are born they due range in different colors genders markings and size expectations. This is Why the different range of prices.

But the smaller the size of your wanted pet pig the more money the pet pig will be.

You are paying for quality - seasoned knowledge and the right pet selected to suit your household - we are Professionl breeders and offer a healthy pet.

Smallest sizes are at the $600 and up price.

Please do not be unrealistic with expecting to own a pig under 18 pounds in weight at full grown adult size. This is possible but not truly common and rare with a high price tag. Ask your local vet for some guidance and always visit your pet breeder and their property in person. Especially Not 3rd person or at the side of the road. A photo is only a photo. This protects not only your financial investment it provides you with a piece of mind and it could determined if you are buying a true quality pet or not. Avoid the emotional distress on your family or an unexpected financial burden for buying a sick or bottle-fed baby or a pet with parasites or Ferrell. We want you to enjoy your animal for years to come. We recommend that a piglet is at least 8 weeks or older before you take him or her home to your family. Sooner than 8 weeks is too young and just too unpredictable.

Please if you only remember one think from my website.

Please allow your Piggy to bond with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks or older allow their organs to naturally developed so you have a strong healthy baby in your care. Do not buy a bottle fed baby. All of our baby's are at least 8 weeks or older at their departure date and are eating solid foods.


Please Read this Section and our website - in its entirety before you call.

The most important question? PricePlease note that you are paying for a quality healthy social pet. From a clean family farm environment. We have over ten years of proven small breed pet piglet. We do personalize all of our pet transaction working one on one with you our potential new customer. This for the overall welfare of our pets. New Now photos - set up our viewing area for you and yours to visit - provide you with more than ample information and suggested care guidelines - accommodate your schedule and you depart with your piglets deluxe starter kit and receipt. Respectfully our pets do start at $400 and can be up to $2000 eachWhy?Our pet piglets do range in different price ranges. Price does range depending on the avaibility of our Now piglets. We do have limited piglets. Mothers only breed as we choose once a year. Our babys are all naturally weaned from their mothers and wormed at least three times before departure date. Too they enjoy an All organic diet and clean bedding and daily sanitized water n feeding bowls. Our shaded educational Center was built n designed for family's groups of all ages to enjoy. Reason why price rangesSize expectations AgeColor marking design Gender Pet purpose $400 and up Discount two piglets of same gender Breeder purpose $800 and up Piggy Banks Future breeder couples $2000 and up 
 Offered Additional🖤 Vet Packages Neuter or Spay Health check (is required to travel out if State )Etc
 🖤🖤Our packages Surprise Valentine's Birthday KennelLarger bag of food WormerChauffeur service in FloridaFlight anywhere in USA Boarding /Holding for longer than expected Our piglets are first come first availability. We will only hold respectfully for 48 hours without a deposit. Min deposit to 1st hold is $100. Open to payments plan. All deposits or payments are non refundable. No expectations. Third party tranastions are voided our pets contract. Piglets are adopted with deluxe piggy starter kit Prices are upon availability No negations or bartering We do have the right of refusal Offering you if you are undesive or just wanting to look and become educated not all pigs are suitable for all peoples lifestyle. Piglet excursion is $100 per family. If you do decide to adopt this fee will be credited towards your pet balance. We are not open to the public and we are not a petting zoo. However other mini baby animals n dwarf horses may welcome you upon arrival Their is ample time spent for your private piggy appointment. If you are 30 mins or more late - we may need to cancel. If you are needing to cancel a scheduled apt please do so asap. So we do not disturb our animals. Or most importantly so we too Can schedule our day or chores or work. And have time to spend with our family's. FREE...... with All of our small breed pet pig adoption. Our Gift to you to help with your piggy's transaction. Deluxe pet care starter kit:1. A sample of their current food that they are eating2. A year's supply of piglet oral Wormer with a wormer demonstration upon depart date3. Full piggy suggested past present future care instructions and past present future recommended mainteance guidelines and worming cycle n dose (too -ask your vet)4. Professional on call Pig Pet Hotline before and after piglet departure from our care5. Pee pee pads and Piglet moisturizer6. Pet contract and receipt of adoption.7. Piggy pamphlet with all you need to know for owning a piglet as a pet. 8. Sold as is Final sale all deposits are Non Refundable no refund for any circumstances


Next Level Service

Let's get to the Serious Question True Size Expectations Size at 2 year old 
🔴Our Weight 16 to 42 lbs. Again size does depends on our Parents. And upin you spaying neutering your Pig. And ONLY pig formulated pig pet food - regular exercise "and Feed them Well" 🔴Length 12 - 26 inchHeight 8 - 16 inchs
Pig Maintenance - Dewormer
For a healthy piglet Deworming Every 4 to 6 weeks. And your piglet should have been dewormer at least Twice before 9 weeks of age. If a breeder does not talk to you about deworming - you will have a parasite mite issue. We gift you at least your pigs next 3 cycles of dewormer and too demonstrate how to worm upon depart date. Apply mineral oil after each bathing to hydrate your piglets skin. 
Please check out our website - in this section their is photos of some of our piggy parents. We no longer send picture due too people using our pictures or unfortunately reselling our piglets for a profit. We at times have our adult piglets in our viewing area. As well as our mini equines and dwarf goats.  You have been invited to visit in person our amazing pets that are of quality and you can select from our pets and see for yourselves the size differences of our available babys. We can bring different size ranges out for you too see (and then you will see the $ differences). Our smallest piglets are certainly not $300. Again Note - Price does range depending on the parents that have been bred and the liter. From a low amount to a very high dollar amount. We have sizes ranges that suit different people's lifestyles and purposes. From indoor outdoor pets too companions on hobby farms for horse's donkeys even a camel.  You may be looking for the smaller size to predominantly lives indoors but he or she still needs too enjoys outdoors for their welfare. A condo or apartment is not our recommendations. And yes You maybe wanting the larger size more as a companion for a larger breed of dog or too live outdoors 24/7.  However you are purchasing a quality pet no matter your purposes. 


Here For You

Car transport Only in Florida $150-400 w kennel n travel piggy supplies.  Out of Florida vet check are required this is an extra fee and i will require  advance notice too schedule health check with our vet. 
😷 Due too Pandemic We are Canceling all Air Transport. Thank You for Understanding
all Pigs do Fly from Florida anywhere in USA price $450.  We do transport via Pet friendly Delta cargo from Daytona Beach Florida to any pet friendly airport in USA. Your pig flight plane ticket and all scheduling n internary too notarized pet receipt /contracts for flight. Flight shipping and handling - special pre piglet hydration pamper treatment and a large size travel kennel with all nessarassy piglet supplies to fly. One of our crew will personally take your piglet to the airport and await with them til time to say our Good - Byes. When given ample time to schedule you baby's flight we try to plan for a direct flight. Otherwise normally a stop in GA. Delta fly's anywhere in USA. Departure from Daytona Beach airport by 9am and to your closest airport by afternoon. This fee is an extra $450. Chauffeur car service is offered in Florida to GA boarder only - call for rates. New kennels and travel pig supplies are available upon request pior to depart date. The price of your selected pet and transport is required to be paid for in full before your pet departs. These extra services has been essential to success on many occasions. We have people travel from us from all over the USA end drive down to us from Canada. We are proud to say that we have safely shipped our piglets all over the USA and too the Caribbean. These extra services has been essential to success on many occasions. We have people travel from us from all over the USA end drive down to us from Canada. We are proud to say that we have safely shipped our piglets all over the USA and too the Caribbean. When it comes to all of our services, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love working with our team. If you are requesting transportation please let us know ASAP so we can give you rates for your pet transportation to your area immediately


Here For You

We want all of our customers to experience the joy of owning a pig as a pet. But you must follow our suggested guidelines for your pigs future maintenance.  Pig Maintenance Is Dewormer. We gift you at least your pigs next 3 cycles of dewormer. And we too demonstrate how to worm your pig upon your pigs depart date. Then when you get home wash our farm off of your pug and bath him or her. Then Apply mineral oil (we too gift you a sample) after each bathing to hydrate your piglets skin.  Deworm again a week to 10 days upon your pigs departure date. Too insure your pet is parasite free. Then for a healthy piglet Deworming Every 4 to 6 weeks. 
Our piglet have been dewormer at least Twice before 10 weeks of age. If a breeder does not talk to you about deworming - you will have a parasite mite issue. 
This is for the OVERALL welfare of your pet. And these are just a few simple tips we provide too you and your family or friends that you will learn in our pigmenship class. All Classes of our seasoned knowledge is FREE with purchase of one of our piggys. 



We have Offered Come Visit in person Our location is De Leon Springs Florida 32130 only 15 minutes from Daytona  Ormond  New Smyrna Deland Astor 40 to 70 minutes from Orlando Jacksonville Ocala Edgewater St Augustine Space Coast 3 to 4 hours Miami Savannah Georgia Tampa 

We are willing to accommodate your schedule for viewing Private Schedule Appointment 
As a Couresty if you are needing to Cancel your Scheduled Your Appointment Please Let Us Know ASAP. We have spent considerable time already with you via phone conversations and text confirmation of the pet(s) you are looking to purchase.   We too spend considerable time - with our pets for their potential departure and our pets are readily waiting for you in our viewing area. A cancellation notice is Respected

As a Couresty n Respect =  if you are needing to Cancel your Scheduled Your Appointment Please Let Us Know ASAP. We have spent considerable time already with you via phone conversations educating you and text confirmation new photos of the pet(s) you are looking to purchase.   We too spend considerable time - with our pets for their potential departure and our pets are readily waiting for you in our viewing area. A cancellation notice is Highly Appericated 


De Leon Springs, FL, USA

Scheduled Appointments Only

386 717 3230



Amazing selection of True Designer Teacup Piggys $400 n up
Come by n Visit and Select we want you and your family to choose in person your piggy pet

Yes... Ready to Depart Today 
Call me Directly for availability 
Sweet Personalities Small Size 

Raised indoors and play outdoors. Accostum to being held. Already dewormed and Naturally weaned from their mothers at 7 weeks old and Eating solid foods undergoing potty training before departure date. We suggest that Piglets are sold at 9 weeks and older upon departure day


Really Tiny males n females offered W deluxe piggy package 
We will hold any pet for you with a non refundable deposit. All sales are final - sold as is no refund. Too insure no impulses buyers and for welfare of our pets  
Call for Now pictures and Now Pets that are available for sale
De leon Springs Local Pick up


Really smart Sweethearts. Order your future future breeder Couple that will become your ideal piggy bankers. Our family's pick of liters from two not related liters.  Both small in size.  Call for more information 


We seasonally have beautiful mini horses for sale. Please call directly for information
All our horses are sold with Coggins current - teeth checked and maintained - with their hoofs trimmed and on a deworming cycle. We will gladly pull a Vet health checks per your request on your selected mini horse(s) this service is needed prior too departure date from our vet (extra fee will apply).  Note our mini horses are pets.  We do not recommend mini horses especially for children to ride and our horses are not trained for carting. Enjoyment Entertainment and Therpay Purposes 
We are looking forward too out New arrivals for 2020 Summer sold w coggins etc - taking $300 deposits to hold
💖Baby mini Horse's $1600 n up 💖Baby mini Donkey $1600 n up 

🐴Mumma Mia Chestnut mare $1600 🐴Beauty Queen white mare $1400
Both mini mares keep together they are best friends make offer 

We too can Transport $300 n up


Wow we currently have an amazing selection of tiny baby goats boys girls - and not related future breeders. Too some nice healthy goats and extremely friendly pets.   Price starts at $350 n up will discount $ for two or more. All naturally weaning. We do not bottle feed. Do have beautiful goats Ready now n baby ready in June. Comes with dewormer n Food all Information  

We will provide you with all information and suggested guidelines. However we expect a verbal only for first contact then we will future text if needed. Questions about becoming a new piggy owner? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.


386 717 3230

All Sales Final🎀Sold As Is No Refunds

De Leon Springs, FL, USA

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